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Capoeira Masters, Teachers and high level players in the Roda. The game of capoeira (jogo de capoeira) is what a capoeirista trains for - this is where capoeira 'takes place'. Unlike other martial arts capoeira is not trained for use as self-defense or martial combat, we practice for the roda and in most schools these take place several times a week with perhaps one or two dedicated soley to the event. Videos speak louder than words so to see just what I mean... Click on the picture below to watch the clips or right-click to save to your hard disk.

Mestre Espirro Mirim and Mestre Poncianinho, CDO Ceara and Cordao De Ouro London

Watch Mestre Poncianinho and Mestre Espirro Mirim play capoeira
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Mestre Poncianinho Almeida and Mestre Espirro Mirim play capoeira at Contra Mestre Papa Leguas's Batizado in Cordao De Ouro Nottingham. Mestre Espirro is a real joker and a talented verbal dualist You cant make it out but at the foot of the berimbau he sets the scene, singing to Mestre Poncianinho that he's going to get him and nobody's going to be able to save him, not even his father. It's incredible to see what happens with these two masters enter the Roda. Thanks to CM Papa for letting us put this clip up! 2:18 secs 33,652 KB

Mestre Jose Antonio and Mestre Poncianinho, Cordao De Ouro London and Guaratingueta

Watch Mestre Ponciano and Mestre Jose Antonio Play Capoeira
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Mestre Poncianinho Almeida and his father Mestre Jose Antonio Almeida play a beautiful slow game of capoeira at our Batizado after party in Guanabara nightclub London. 2 mins 31,129 KB

Mestre Poncianinho, CDO London and Claudio Angoleiro

Watch Mestre Ponciano and Claudio Angoleiro play capoeira
Right click the picture to download or watch this capoeira video on You-tube.

Mestre Poncianinho and Claudio Angoleiro play a tasty game of Capoeira Angola. Full of mandinga and malicia, this jojo is for lovers of true capoeira only. Ripped (with express permission) from Mestre Espirro Mirim's DVD of Capoeirense 2006. This is but one of many fine games from this 3 day event in Fortaleza, Ceara... If there's enough interest, I'll see if I can get the mestre to stock this bad-boy in the shop. 2:20 secs 33,334 KB

Pele and Paulinha. Cordao de Ouro, Ceara.

Watch Pele and Paulinha play capoeira

Pele and Paulinha play a nice game at Mestre Espirro's Academy in Fortaleza. This capoeira clip is from the saturday roda attended by a lot of great players - the action can get pretty hot and these two play a smooth, fluid game, full of classic Cordao De Ouro style. 1:11 secs 16,971 KB

Mestre Espirro Mirim, CDO, Ceara & Mestre Ousado, Singapore.

Mestre Espirro Mirim and Mestre Ousado

Mesre Espirro Mirim is widely accepted to be one of the best capoeiristas in the world!! He is both a source of inspiration and a formative infulence on CDOs global style. Mestre Ousado, now teaching in Singapore was champion of various competitions in Sao Paulo during the 80s. It is an honour to have them both on Capoeira Science. This is a capoeira game. THIS is CAPOEIRA!! 1:24 secs 14,514KB

Daniel, Cordao de Ouro, Ceara

Daniel goes wild in the roda, Fortaleza

Coming in from the left yet another high-level student of Mestre Espirro Mirim, Daniel - going wild in the capoeira roda. Check out his moves! What is that!? Relogio? Into handspin!!?? Nossa. So that's how you do an Armada Dupla, see!? 0:46 secs 7,894 KB

Narcelio. Cordao De Ouro, Ceara

Narcelio and Ceguinho play capoeira, 

Cordao de Ouro, Ceara

A nice little acrobatic game between Narcelio and another capoeirista from Fortaleza. This roda was composed mostly of kids (videos coming soon) in a little concrete room somewhere on the outskirts of Fortlaleza. 0:49 secs 6,814 KB

Contra-Mestre Casquinha, Cordao de Ouro, London UK

Contra-Mestre Casquinha Taster Clip

Casquinha’s flexibility and strength combine to lend uncommon speed to a fluid, graceful style that is at once complex and intuitive. Alongside Mestre Ponciano he has been a formative influence on the students of CDOL. Watch this taster capoeira clip of his game with Barish at our almost weekly Guanabara shows.

Keep checking back! More capoeira game videos coming ALL the time !!!

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