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NEWCapoeira Video [update 13 March 2013]

Armada Dupla aka Double Leg Tutorial with Narcelio

Armada Dupla Capoeira tutorial video with Narcelio

Learn Armada Dupla with Narcelio in the latest high quality capoeira instructional video to come from Capoeira Science. Now with Facebook comments so you can get hints and tips on how to perform the moves right there on the page.

Welcome to Capoeira Science

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Site rollback [update 13 March 2013]

The VPS the site has been on for the last four years was costing me too much and I have never managed to cover those costs with advertising. Hence I'm rolling back to good old HTML. Once the pages are back up I will pimp the site with some Facebook functionality, clean the design and reinstate the translations, especially Portuguese!. Then I can focus on content, not technology as has too often been the case in the past.

I am working on the continuing series of high-level capoeira tutorials. I'm also pretty busy training for the stunt register so pleae be patient
  • Filmed on location in Brazil with the absolute specilaists in movement
  • Edited on a Quad Core Mac Pro from Mexico
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About Capoeira Science

I have been playing capoeira since 1997. I have lived and continue to travel extensively in Brazil where I seek out the finest and most renowned capoeiristas to film. On this site you will find the best and most original Capoeira Videos, a section on Capoeira Moves, an overview of Capoeira History, information about Capoeira Music, Capoeira Links to other useful sites and soon a Capoeira DVD that will be launching in the near future.


Do not attempt to imitate any of the performers or ideas contained within this site or elsewhere unless under professional supervision and authorisation from your doctor. Neither I nor any of my associates accept liability for any damage done to yourself, others or property as a result of your ignoring this disclaimer.


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Capoeira's lost history through this
Ladja Video
from Martinique

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